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Eating things incorrectly

Gus Mears

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1 hour ago, King Coconut said:

But 3 is obviously the only cutting direction that can be justified. It's the only way to ensure two symmetrical sides with an equal crust:no-crust ratio. 1 or 2 are creating a toast class system which can't end well. 

But I like to have a heel and crown situation going on so I can save the crown sides for last as a treat. Like dinner and pudding.

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I purposely make porridge very lumpy, salt it then pour cold milk over the top.

I pour a can of baked beans in with my mince and tatties otherwise I don't like it.

I often have something like a whole packet of sausages on its own for.my tea. Someone mentioned sugar sandwiches before,my mam used to butter bread and pur sprinkles on it for me. Fairy bread she called it.

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