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The awesome World Cup is over, now back to reality.

The transfer window for Premier League clubs shuts in a little over 3 weeks and the new season begins on Friday (easy now, Fog Dude) 10th August with that miserable fuck Jose Mourinho leading United out at home vs Leicester. This means the next 3 weeks are going to be pretty manic when it comes to new signings.

@Gus Mears mentioned that he's not hopeful of a better summer than last year for Chelsea, Courtois' potential move to Real won't help matters. Still on the plus side, Chelsea fans could have the guy he replaced replacing him...

Wow. Cech is a bona fide Chelsea legend and all but I'd be very worried for them if he is brought in as the replacement.

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I'm not going to start getting all 'typical Spurs fan' but I can see us struggling to replicate the last few seasons due to the fact that everyone is getting business done, and we're nowhere near anyone top tier.

Genuinely think that City and Liverpool (ugh) will go toe to toe all season, and Chelsea will have a blinder under homophobe, racist Sarri, coming close to the top two whilst playing some lovely, lovely football. Think Everton will do well as well. First managerial casualty? West Ham.

Of course this could all change if we bring in some excellent signings (less than 4 weeks Levy!), but at least we'll be home, and drinking Beavertown beer and eating cheese, and enjoying Champions League football for another year at least.

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1 hour ago, SuperBacon said:

I'm not unhappy about him joining. I'm also not cracking open my can of Beavertown Neck Oil over it...

I'm more of a Gamma Ray guy.

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