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DEFIANT Wrestling - Ringmaster tickets competition

Kaz Hayashi

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Hi everyone,

DEFIANT Wrestling and Grapple Arcade are joining forces to turn a great 2-night tournament, in to a proper great 2-and-a-bit night tournament.

On the July 16th & 17th, DEFIANT will be showcasing their highly anticipated RINGMASTER tournament at the O2 Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Following each evenings event, the Grapple Arcade will be hosting a FREE AFTER PARTY, at bar Retro Newcastle, only 2 minutes walk from the O2 Academy itself.

As per typical at a Grapple Arcade event, there will be numerous free to play retro consoles and wrestling games. This will include classics such as:

- Here Comes The Pain - PS2

- No Mercy - N64

- Legends of Wrestling 2 - Game Cube

- Saturday Night Slammasters - Mega Drive

... and many more classic, and slightly obscure retro wrestling games.

We will be be offering free drinks to RINGMASTER ticket holders and will be providing special offers throughout the night.

We will also be running a games tournament with drink prizes for the winner.

Last but not least...

Grapple Arcade has a number of FREE TICKETS to the DEFIANT RINGMASTER TOURNAMENT.

Pretty simple, either...

Log on to Facebook, share the following post/link and like the pages of DEFIANT, GRAPPLE ARCADE & RETRO NEWCASTLE.



Log on to twitter, retweet the post/link below and follow DEFIANT, GRAPPLE ARCADE & RETRO NEWCASTLE.


A number of winners will be drawn and notified via social media on Friday 13th.

Hope to see some of you there.

Cheers - Grapple Arcade




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