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Egg Shen

Golden Boy MMA - Chuck vs. Tito III

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Is that even Dana's fault? The new company came on board and got rid of all of those old hangers on. Dana probably had no say in the matter.

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1 hour ago, theringmaster said:

The ironic thing about this fight is it's all UFC/Dana's fault. Dana retired Chuck and told him he has a 'job for life within UFC' and by all accounts he was very happy with his role in UFC (which i never did find out what it was) then new owners came in and one of the first thing they did was get rid of Chuck (which again really has me wondering what was his job?).

This fight is happening because Dana didn't make good on his word.

It's absolutely the UFC's fault.

If Chuck was being paid for doing whatever he was doing by the UFC then there's no way he risks that by stepping away from the company for this fight. He'll have received offers in the past to fight no doubt and will have turned them down.

As critical as I am of Dana though, I doubt there's much he could have done really. The new owners seem hellbent on taking what the Fertitta's built and fucking it up.

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