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WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

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Can both of you shut up please?

Good.  Too many low rent "Companies" playing at being Vince as it is.  If your business model doesn't account for wages and safety, then you shouldn't be operating.


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If WWE don’t do something big with Marcell Bartell, it’d be a huge waste of natural talent. Instantly dislikable, a clear character, as crisp and believable as a Regal, with the nastiness of a Dave Finley. Anything pre-WWE anyone would recommend me hunting down?  

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My word, Tyler Bate really is a stud isn’t he? Given his height I don’t think he’ll get a direct path up the main roster but the guy is gonna be a star wherever he ends up, long as he stays fit. Fucking twenty years old too, ridiculous.

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner are two cracking additions to the roster, Barthel in particular can easily be slotted into the main event picture. It’s good to see then incorporate a few more backstage skits and interviews to build up the characters too. Scala is a decent call for Johnny’s mouth piece. The blue peter guy stinks though, seems to gain and lose a few inches in height from segment to segment. At least keep the height illusion consistent!

Nice to see Coffey and Dunne got to dress themselves for the invetable contract signing. Can’t help feel that Gibson should be the one to dethrone Pete Dunne at Blackpool though, imagine him as champ and NXT UKS official number 1. The heat would be nuclear.

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I've fallen a fair bit behind on this, trying to catch up before the Takeover (at which point I assume/hope they'll revert to 1 episode a week).

I really can't believe WWE let someone on screen with the ring name Jack Starz. Horrible.

The whole thing is a bit whacky mismatched tag team partners heavy too. Hopefully that'll die down once they crown the tag champs.

Edit: also, whilst I'm not sure it entirely suits him/them, I fucking love the Coffey/Gallus theme.

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Good music.
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3 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

WWE appearing on ITV to promote Takeover and the Performance Centre is hilarious.

I don't follow, why is it hilarious? Because of WOS? Broadcasters don't care about that sort of thing, they care about ratings. Getting interesting guests on GMB means better ratings. It's the same reason BBC report on who wins I'm a Celebrity. It's content. 

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