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Are you going to The Wrestling? - June 15th, Coventry - from the minds behind Triple X Wrestling

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Do you watch The Wrestling? Did you used to watch The Wrestling? Did your grandad always tell you stories of Kendo Nagasaki and Giant Haystacks?

Did Hulk Hogan bodyslam the baddies in a blue plastic ring in your room or did you walk the streets with an Attitude in a t-shirt saying "Austin 3:16"? 

Did you always want The Hitman to give you his shades or did you grow up telling your parents that "You can't see me!"?

Did you buy the magazines and read the forums and know about the next big stars in the bingo halls? Did you drag a matress into your garden and dive off the shed pointing thumbs at yourself?

Have you sat in the town halls waving your foam finger and shouting "Easy!"? Do you stand in the nightclubs and bars chanting "This Is Awesome!"?

The Wrestling can give you memories that last a lifetime, give you a way to bond with a friend or relative and bring out every emotion.

The Wrestling is the ultimate live entertainment, with all the spectacle of live sports, theatre and a rock concert all rolled into one.

The Wrestling is coming to The Box at Fargo Village.

Are you going to The Wrestling?

Ticket Link

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The Wrestlers:


Our first name for The Wrestling at The Box at FarGo Village on June 15th is one of the hottest independent names in the world today!

From Los Angeles, California, the man who is bringing sleazy back to wrestling. He's competed in every major promotion throughout the United States and worldwide, and even made an appearance in hit Netflix series GLOW!

We are very pleased to announce that JOEY RYAN is coming to The Wrestling!



Ask any British wrestler worth his salt who's the best in the land and this man will be high on their list.

Growing up idolising the stars of World of Sport and soon finding himself amongst them since his debut as a teenager, noone wrestling today encapsulates the British style like him.

Having travelled Europe, the USA and Japan and today lacing his boots more often than any other wrestler in the world, this man has been Rockin' All Over The World for 25 years!

Coventry is in for a treat, as from London, England, James Mason will be at The Wrestling!!!



Your next grappler is anything but a diva! Training under the legendary Knight family this woman has made her mark in British wrestling over the last couple of years.

She has been called the Total Package, we definitely agree and we're sure you will too.

STOMP STOMP! The fearless Charlie Morgan is coming to The Wrestling



They call her The Amazon and at six feet tall with a body building background you can certainly see why. Trained under some of the true greats of British wrestling and still dedicated to conquering the globe in the ring. Her crowning achievement so far was being entered into the WWE Mae Young Classic in 2017 but this is only the beginning for the most dominant female wrestler in the UK.

"Amazon" Ayesha Raymond is coming to The Wrestling.



The flag bearer for British Wrestling. Showing the world the classic British style, he was the pioneer that opened doors around the globe and led the 21st century resurgence. Reaching major success in Japan, the USA and throughout Europe, this man has well and truly earned his status as The Ambassador.

In his final year in the ring, we are honoured to announce that Doug Williams is coming to The Wrestling


Plus many more!!!

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The Matches:



Joey Ryan is obviously no stranger to intergender matches but he may never have met a force like 'Amazon' Ayesha Raymond! Get down FarGo Village Coventry on June 15th to see this first time contest!



Simply the two finest wrestlers of their generation. Between them, thousands of matches and a million miles. Veterans and masters of the world famous British style, these two have faced many times before. - but this time may be the last as Doug Williams hangs up his boots later this year. This is one encounter we expect the wrestlers to be watching as closely as the fans. Mason Vs Williams at The Wrestling!!!



We are very proud to be hosting a Championship match on behalf of the incredible Pro Wrestling Eve!

Since we announced the appearance of Charlie Morgan she's only gone and picked up one of the most prestigious women's championships in the world! And Charlie will be defending against none other than 'The Mouth of the Midlands', Coventry's own Jetta!

We're very excited to bring a massive title contest to Coventry with two incredibly contrasting wrestlers. You are going to love this one!



'The English Lion' Eddie Ryan has spent the best part of a decade honing his craft across the UK, Europe, Japan and the U.S.A., and in the process has become one of the most polished and exciting performers in the country. He'll be taking on one of the fastest rising stars on the scene today, Jack Starz! While Jack's becoming more accustomed to WWE's rings these days, he's no stranger to the city of Coventry, being the current AMP Wrestling Champion after winning the belt at The Alan Higgs Centre last month.
Eddie Ryan and Jack Starz do battle at The Wrestling! June 15th at The Box at FarGo Village!

Tickets available from http://www.ampwrestling.bigcartel.com

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