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Classic uk pro wrestling Presents Reality Check


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Classic uk pro wrestling



23rd June 2018

The show is FREE

There has been a time and venue change so the show will be at


Venue: UK Wrestling (UKW) 22 Branch Road,, WF17 5RY Batley

Tickets: FREE

Doors: 1.30pm Bell: 2pm

Set to appear

The UK Hooligans
Sweet Saraya
Ricky Knight Jr
Classic UK Pro Wrestling Champion Caz Crash
LPW Women's Champion Lexi-Olivia
Sean Only
Chase Alexander
Jimmy Jones
Easy B 
Nick Gray

Plus more stars 







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On ‎2‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 4:49 PM, Mr_Danger said:

If I attend a CUK show will I be able to pay a premium to stand in the corner and watch? 

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The Card for 23rd June, Harehills Working Men's Club, Leeds

2 on 3 Tag Team Match

Jimmy Jones & Chase Aexander vs Easy B, Nick Gray and Mystery Partner 

Singles Match 

Danny Steel vs Jay Graves

Women's Championship
Lexi - Olivia vs Sweet Saraya

4 Way Match
RKJ vs Sean Only vs Roy Knight vs Mystery Opponent 

Classic UK Pro Wrestling Championship Match
Caz Crash vs Zak Knight


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The show is FREE

UK Wrestling (UKW) 22 Branch Road,, WF17 5RY Batley

Doors: 1.30pm Bell 2pm


2 on 3 Tag Team Match
Easy B & Nick Gray vs Chase Alexander & Seth Skyline

Singles Match
Dylan Roberts vs Jack Griffiths

Singles Match
Jay Graves vs PJ Knight

Women’s Championship
Sweet Saraya vs Lexi Olivia

Triple Threat Match
Roy Knight vs Sean Only vs Ricky Knight Jr


Classic UK Pro Wrestling Championship
Zak Knight vs Caz Crash

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So I popped along to this, seeing as it was free and I wasn't doing anything else. There were 21 people in the crowd when the show started, but at least half of those were trainees and/or crew (the show was taking place at UKW's "home venue", so a fair few of their lads were hanging around). There were maybe 40 or so people by the end, but it's a safe guess that most of the extra folk were more trainees and/or friends and family of people who were part of the next show of the afternoon (CUK was the first of three shows at the same venue on the same day). 
The matches were all fine for what they were. Nobody particularly went out of their way to do anything impressive, but then why would you? The second half was way better than the first, mainly due to the presence of some actual experienced professional wrestlers in the later matches.
In the interest of offering constructive criticism in the hope that it might help things to improve in the future, it needs to be said that the ring announcer wasn't the greatest. She had no concept of heels or faces, and constantly encouraged the crowd to cheer every single heel even when they were prowling around ringside clearly acting like a bad guy. "Come on guys, give him a round of applause". No! He's shouting at kids and calling the crowd scumbags! He's a baddie! But at least she didn't lead the crowd in an awkward singalong like last time...
Some sort of announcement at half-time and at the end wouldn't have gone amiss either. We had no idea there even was an interval, and only realised they were taking a break when the photographer, commentators and ring announcer all disappeared to the back and some dodgy alt-rock started playing over the PA. Likewise at the end of the show - after being asked to give a round of applause to the champions, and after waiting an uncomfortably long time for the women's champ to reappear (which she never did), everyone at ringside just left without a thanks or goodbye or anything, leaving the crowd to come to their own conclusions.
Perhaps nobody said "see you next time" because it doesn't seem quite clear when "next time" might be, given the recent announcement on Facebook that CUK is now taking a break and will return in 2020, accompanied by a link to an event page for a show that takes place in April 2019...
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