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Create-A-Wrestler (Design competition)

Kaz Hayashi

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Now then,

Im running a competition on twitter and have mentioned it in the Grapple Arcade events page.


We want to people to design a wrestling character (think video games) and ultimately the winning design will end up on our future event posters, flyers, PR etc, alongside our character (El Grapp’el).

The designer will be credited and we’ll promote their webpage, YT/Twitch channel, twitter handle, whatever they wish to shill. They’ll also receive a selection of a canny good prizes (some to be confirmed so we’ll save that announcement).

Based on some of the cracking art bollocks we’ve seen on here over the years, I can’t help but think there’s bound to be a handful of brilliant and absurd possibilities to stem from this. Use it as a way to further display your artistic talents, or as a way to showcase that 7’5, 600lbs, green space farmer that you made on Here Comes The Pain. Whatever suits.

I don’t care if you’re a brilliant artist or not, because the winning submission will be formatted by our designer to work with our theme (if required).

Either draw free hand, use digital technology, or use the CAW mode in a game and screen shot. Be as creative, nonsensical, legitimate and beefy as you wish. I want a rogues gallery of CAWs

Hopefully some of you might have an interest.

Further details are on this poster.



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