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Smackdown - the Billion Dollar Baby (new TV deal announced)


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This deal won't have been signed off the back of 2-3 weeks of television. At the very least, Fox will have been taking into account the past year of the SmackDown product before throwing down this kind of money. Which means we can all say, without hesitation, that the Jinder experiment was a resounding success.

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Fox only has a 2 hour primetime window, so Smackdown won't be 3 hours, the original networks (CBS, NBC, ABC) have 3 hours but Fox uses there's to air regional news, live Sports can delay this but they have control over pro wrestlingand when it finishes, this doesn't mean they won't just tell people to switch over to FS1 and watch 205 live or something.

Smackdown will get moved over to FS1 for MLB playoffs season and some College Football stuff but that's because it will rate better  and Fox is paying much more money for those.

WWE will earn far more money from their TV rights than they will get from the Network, so basically outside of Wrestlemania, no match is getting wasted on TV as they make more money there.

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Brief summary of the TV negotiations per this week's Observer and how UFC played into it:

* Fox said "we'll give you loads for Raw." USA had the right to match any offer and said "Yep, we'll pay loads, but we'll have to pass on Smackdown now."

* ESPN gave UFC a fuckload to do some streaming shows despite it being totally financially unviable.

* UFC went to Fox and said "Our shows are worth a fuckload now. Give us a fuckload or we take everything to ESPN." Fox said "Nope. See ya." ESPN gave them a shit-ton (less than a fuckload) to put the rest of the shows on TV.

* An online company (thought to be Amazon or Facebook) said "we'll pay slightly more than a fuckload to put it online instead." Fox said "We have a fuckload of cash left over from our UFC budget now, so we'll pay a fuckload of cash for Smackdown." WWE said "If it's only slightly more from the online company, we'll go on Fox and get more exposure."


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Didn't Endeavor or WME IMG do both deals? They own the UFC but are hired to get companies deals as well. I think I read WWE hired CAA, Endeavors big rival to make sure they were looking for their best interest but still let WME IMG do the deal.

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