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ROH 2006 DVD Originals Bulk Sale


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All DVD's are well looked after and originals unless stated otherwise.

Non originals are the files purchased through the official ROH download centre.

Selling in bulk, no offers for individual discs. 

Looking for sensible offers over £200 plus p&p.

Hell Freezes Over. 14/01/06.

Tag Wars 2006. 27/01/06.

Dissension. 28/01/06.

Unscripted II. 11/02/06.

Fourth Anniversary Show. 25/02/06.

Arena Warfare. 11/03/06.

Best In The World. 25/03/06.

Dragon Gate Challenge 30/03/06. *Unopened*

Supercard of Honor. 31/03/06. *Copy*

Better Than Our Best. 01/04/06.

The 100th Show. 22/04/06.

Weekend of Champions. Night One. 28/04/06.

Weekend of Champions. Night Two. 29/04/06.

How We Roll. 12/05/06.

Ring of Homicide. 13/05/06.

Destiny. 03/06/06.

In Your Face. 17/06/06.

Throwdown. 23/06/06.

Chi-town Struggle. 24/06/06.

Death Before Dishonor IV. 15/07/06.

War of the Wire II. 28/07/06.

Generation Now. 29/07/06.

Time to Man up. 04/08/06.

Fight of the Century. 05/08/06.

Unified. 12/08/06.

Epic Encounter II. 25/08/06.

Gut Check. 26/08/06.

Glory by Honor V. Night 1. 15/09/06.

Glory by Honor V. Night 2. 16/09/06.

Survival of the fittest 2006. 06/10/06.

Motor City Madness. 07/10/06.

Suffocation. 27/10/06.

Irresistible Forces. 28/10/06.

Honor Reclaims Boston. 03/11/06. *Unopened*

The Bitter End. 04/11/06. *Unopened*

Dethroned. 25/11/06. *Unopened*

The Chicago Spectacular. Night One. 08/12/06. *Unopened*

The Chicago Spectacular. Night Two. 09/12/06. *Unopened*

International Challenge. 22/12/06. *Unopened*

Final Battle 2006. 23/12/06.





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