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closing down sale everything 50p + postage


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It's not a business, barely even a website. The 'everything...must go line' was better suited to 1970's carpet warehouse closing down sales. BTW, anything you don't sell could be thrown in the bin. This'll avoid that potential nightmare scenario of everything not going...don't mention it.

In response to Magnum's question, yeah the kid's sketchy and clearly not too bright. Guaranteed he'll still be lurking or just continue to post. I use the term post loosely - more a case of 'I can get that' in reply to just about any DVD request. He's been quiter lately since receiving poor reviews in the traders section.

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23 minutes ago, Edgehead said:

Would you say waiting for 3 weeks, before any sign of dispatch, was too long?

Stuff from the 'closing down' sale, where all he needs to do is locate the discs, package them up and pop down the post office?  Absolutely.

I could understand if, due to work commitments, someone couldn't get to the Post Office until the weekend, but three weeks...


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He has decided to block me after i did not like his reponse to my questions.



He apparently spent the money i sent him so he cannot finish the order until payday. Now he has blocked all contact, i can only assume i will never get my discs.




After discussions and some frank digging, i got him to send what he had. 3 missing discs but im shocked it ended with me getting anything. We can only learn from this on both sides.


I can't recommend sadly purely from a timing and delivering stand point as both are not up to scratch. 

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