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NFL Discussion Thread 2018 - Draft Week


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Anyone around here still interested in the NFL?  The draft is this weekend:


Always feels like the start of the season, and then nothing else happens for months.  Anyway, here's a thread for this season.

Incidentally, the NFL UK streaming service is absolute shite - after subscribing for the last 2 years I'm going back to streamers.

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Really excited for the season to start. Been a fan for a while but the past 3/4 season really started to get into it more deeply. 


Unpopular opinion time but I think Rosen could be the best QB to come out the draft this year. Although I don't think he will be drafted top 4/5. Darnold first and maybe the Giants taking a chance on Allen's big arm. Maybe Mayfield going before him too. The cons seem to be that he's too smart. Can't see that being a bad thing personally!


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45 minutes ago, SpykeDudlei1 said:

I’m going for a twist in the tale...

1) CLE - Saquon Barkley

2) NYG - Bradley Chubb

3) NYJ - Josh Rosen

4) CLE - Sam Darnold

5) DEN - Quenton Nelson

6) BUF (with Colts trade) - Baker Mayfield

7) TB - Darwin James

8) CHI - Roquan Smith

9) SF - Denzel Ward

10) OAK - Mike McGlinchey

Pah! What do I know 😂

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Think Ravens at 32 taking Lamar Jackson is a great but of business from them. Did not think he would make it that far down personally.

Evans going to my boys the Titans seems good. Haven't seen much of him but apparently is a great run stopper so sounds good to me.

Really thought Darnold would go at one though. Still sticking by my prediction that Rosen will be the most successful/best QB from the draft. If only he had some targets to throw at in Arizona. I know they have Fitz but he needs more than that! Maybe Dez could play a season there and then get that big contract he wants?

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