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So, this mental Saudi event coming up...


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6 hours ago, Carbomb said:

Exactly. And let's not kid ourselves here: whilst I daresay there are those in WWE who do feel it would be a better world if Saudi Arabia became less barbaric, ultimately they're not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, they're doing it for a profit.

Some good posts in here. I think this definitely sums up the overall WWE business model when it comes to morals.

Remember, this is the company that has said things like doing the much needed Wellness Policy, or visible charity work are done mainly for PR. It's like them finally getting with the times and changing their female content from mainly wank material to the best thing on the show - Vince would probably see no issue in having Alexa Bliss get her chuff out every week if it didn't have such a terrible effect on PR and, in turn, sponsors.

All three good things came out of those examples, of course, so it's hard to bitch too much, but their heart is green and always will be.


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Change of plans...Rusev out. Jericho in. Taker/Jericho in a Casket match...



All over the world, little boys and girls are celebrating #RusevDay, they smile for the greatest Superstar ever ! I’ve already spoke with @WWE officials to change that match because I REFUSE to let my husband @RusevBUL compete in a Casket Match at #WWEGRR! Happy #RusevDay


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This card is absolutely insane. Absolutely crackers.

I genuinely can’t wait.

*edit* Apparently Rusev upset the people involved with putting this show together with this: 


...is a pretty weird tweet.

*edit again* seems there was some beef: https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2018/4/12/17229478/michelle-mccool-upset-over-new-rusev-interview-about-the-undertaker-wwe


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I quite like that we're getting another massive show so soon after Wrestlemania. Interest tends to wane in the first couple of months post-'Mania as some of the part-timers go on heir jollies and Summerslam feels like it's ages away. 

Also the Rumble is my favourite PPV of the year and usually makes for one of my favourite matches as well. Not fussed about the fact it's in April rather than the traditional January slot. No idea it will run logistically with 50 people, I'm guessing 60-second intervals? Would imagine most of the workers on the undercard will be pulling double-duty to make up the numbers. I can see Cena entering and taking it so they make a big splash with the media coverage.

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10 minutes ago, The King of Old School said:

Now they have The Rock on board...

On paper, excluding Charlotte, Rousey and Auska, this looks like everything Wrestlemania should have been. Nuts.

Looks like a fake account. (They also say that AJ Styles will drop the WWE title due to injury).

Nothing on the official WWE Twitter. 

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