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So, this mental Saudi event coming up...


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2 hours ago, The King of Old School said:

To a normal WWE audience yes, however I reckon the Saudi's will cheer and boo exactly who the WWE want them to.

Why else is Reigns winning the title here?

I bet it's just so he can win without having to pin Brock. What's the bet someone wins like Russo did and gets knocked out the door and onto the floor or thrown through the cage like Stone Cold was by Paul Wight?

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2 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

Good job they didn't go when Eddie Guerrero was alive, poor fucker wouldn't be a safe pair of hands after lying, cheating and stealing his way to a win.


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17 minutes ago, DootDootDoot said:

I get the feeling Backlash will suffer from a lot of last minute booking after this show!

I don't know it seems they are trying to book both at the same time

US Title and IC Matches already made for Backlash, Reigns Vs Joe as well which if Reigns wins at Rumble will just become the universal Title Match and if Lesnar wins then there probably wont be a Universal Title Match at Backlash which is nothing new for that belt.

The 2 Womens Titles can be built for Backlash easily enough with them not on the Rumble

Thats 5 Matches already plus I expect the WWE Title to Main event Backlash (likely a Styles/Nakamura rematch)

It looks like The Tag Belts will be built towards the Rumble event so maybe wont even be defended at Backlash

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2 hours ago, Weezenal said:

They should have had a Shikh of the Ring tournament rather than a rumble. 


18 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Looks like Peter Stainontrousersforth has a rival.

He already has his own finisher. It's the Sheikh, Prattle, and Troll. 

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