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Have we forgiven Kramer yet?


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Just watching Kramer on Jerry Seinfelds car chat show thing, and Michael Richards got a bit down about how he fucked up at the comedy club. He's barely worked since, aside from that brilliant season of Curb.

Is Kramer forgiven yet?  I always put it down to him having a mental breakdown, rather than being a bigot.

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He didn't do much in the nine years between Seinfeld and that incident, save for "The Michael Richards Show", which was cancelled after several episodes, and an adaptation of David Copperfield, where he played Wilkins Micawber.

He was already in semi-retirement.

If you watch the Seinfeld bloopers and inside talks on YouTube you can see that he is a very serious, introverted person, completely unlike the character he played.

It's almost uncomfortable watching the bloopers because Jerry and Julia are constantly corpsing and ruining scenes, and Michael is the only one trying to maintain a semblance of professionalism.

In hindsight, he says he wishes that he took the time to enjoy working on the show more; he took it too seriously at the time.

Taking all that into consideration, I'm willing to believe that he simply lost the rag with the hecklers and it was a "bit" that backfired. He's a shit comedian in fairness. Louis CK or Dave Chappelle would have been able to shut down those hecklers without losing their composure.

I did find it a bit ironic how much the hecklers pissed and moaned about it though, considering how quick they were to call him a "cracker". Kind of lost sympathy for them at that point.


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