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UFC 224: Nunes vs Pennington

Who wins and how?   

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4 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

I always root for Yoel anyway but I'm REALLY hoping for a Romero win at 225, setting up Romero vs Gastelum for the title. How great would that be? 

Kind of hoping they set up Jacare vs Weidman as well. Neither can really afford a loss but I just want to see that fight. 

I always root for Yoel too, but I was probably more interested in Whittaker v Gastelum.  I think Romero wrecks Gastelum.  This is a big IF - but Romero is a couple of consecutive wins away from essentially cleaning out the division.  And it wasn't too long ago that it looked one of the most stacked divisiosn they had.

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That Pennington finish was a shocker. I try to see it from the corners point of view and maybe there is more concern and empathy because of the fact that it involves a woman, but it was the wrong decision to send her back out there. It isn't like she was just feeling sorry for herself, she just had her nose smashed to pieces in a fight she knew she had no chance of winning. I know if may be her only shot at it, but you have to pull her out.

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