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UFC Fight Night: Barboza vs Lee - Apr 21


Who wins and how?   

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2 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

Id actually like to see Edgar get that 145lb title shot too. I could see the UFC letting him wait it out and challenge the winner of Ortega/Holloway. Hes been soundly beaten by both but theres not a clear cut challenger at 145 outside or perhaps Jeremy Stephens, id like to see him fight Aldo though.

You want Aldo vs Edgar 3, Ebb? Or am I misreading that and you mean you want Aldo vs Stephens? I'd certainly be up for the latter. 

Don't really know what will be next for Frankie Edgar after that. I was chuffed to see him back in the win column. He looked good considering the quick turnaround after the Ortega KO plus the personal stuff he's gone through very recently. He's had an absolute shitter of a month so it was nice to see him get a solid win in his hometown. Swanson did look like a man who'd resigned himself to the fact he wasn't going to win though. I got that feeling myself. I just think the way Edgar beat him the first time was something that was playing on Cub's mind and he was unable to shake it. Good rebound fight for Frankie. Like I said though, fuck knows what's next. Maybe he will just get to sit out and get the Holloway/Ortega winner like Ebb says. I think that will depend on who's the champion coming out of that one though. If Holloway wins then rebooking that original Holloway vs Edgar title fight would be good. If Ortega beats Holloway though, I really doubt they go with Ortega vs Edgar 2 so soon. I'd do that Aldo vs Stephens fight as a backup. Then if Ortega wins you have the winner of that as an option too. 

Thought Kevin Lee looked really good, chicken dance aside. The blueprint is out there on Barboza now but it's still easier said than done and Lee did it. Shame he wasn't able to get a more satisfying finish than it ending on a cut but he showed a lot in this fight for me. Got nearly 5 rounds in, survived that Barboza spinning kick, recovered well, and dominated the rest of the fight. The striking is his weakest area but he's certainly improved since getting TKO'd by Leonardo Santos a couple of years back. If Alvarez vs Poirier 2 doesn't happen next then you have to think Lee probably gets one of those two for his next fight. There aren't that many guys above Barboza at 155 so it's got to be one of a few options. And he's already lost to Ferguson recently. Actually, in an ideal world I'd make Alvarez vs Poirier 2 and Kevin Lee vs Al Iaquinta next. 

David Branch KOing Thiago Santos was pretty big for him. He really needed something like this after the lacklustre Jotko fight and then losing to Rockhold. Thought Santos was getting the better of a lot of the exchanges myself and I think those heavy leg kicks were starting to pay off. Then just when Santos seemed to be picking up some momentum, Branch took him out. 

Dan Hooker looked really good again. He's been quietly racking up these wins over established names and he's not just winning, he's getting big stoppages. That knee KO was rough to watch. Even though he's slowing down, Jim Miller is still hard as fuck. For him to go down hard like that tells you that knee was on the money. Agree with the comments on Miller too. He's been great to watch over the years but all those battles appear to have caught up up him. Liked Hooker respectfully calling out Felder to his face post-fight. Just goes to show you don't have to be a dick to call a guy out. Love the sound of that fight as well, and I can't see why it won't happen now. 

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thats the right fight to make.

After Saturdays show im well into the idea of seeing Kevin Lee fight Khabib too. I know hes only one fight removed from a defeat but he showed me enough for me to really want to see that fight. Style wise thats someone Khabib may struggle to shut down.

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