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Wrestling Cinematography


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Couldn't find a similar thread, and after seeing a topic related to this on another forum thought I'd whack one up here.

Basically, anything related to wrestling that looks great. Can be in the form of a picture, gif, video clip, anything. Great shots are what we're after here. Something fantastically produced.

I'll post a few examples of the graps just generally looking fantastic. Dream vs Black was really good for this thread.

Related image


Image result for aleister black vs dream

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10 minutes ago, Kamaras-Tash said:

The shot of Vince appearing bloody from the apron at WrestleMania 19 is awesome, just had a search for the gif but I'm hopeless and can't seem to find it


(Can’t seem to embed it - but that’s the one)

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The post match proceedings after Brock Lesnar ended The Streak was quite something. Everything from the immediate cut from Paul Heyman screaming in disbelief straight to Elis "Shocked Undertaker Guy" Mbeh, his entrance music not playing for several minutes just to let the realisation of what just happened sink in. Up until Undertaker getting his standing ovation and leaving the stadium as the 21-1 graphics are on the screens. It was brilliantly put together.

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I’ve heard a few people say that HBK made this seem a bit hammy, but fuck that. The sheer emotion on Ric’s face, knowing exactly what’s about to happen, he’s about to take has last kick to the face, his last attack from an opponent, he knows it’s over and demands his future to bring it on. Perfectly executed as ‘the end’. 



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