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Who's the best GM at GM'ing?


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We've had discussions on the best authority figures before, but I'm hoping by focusing solely on General Managers, this might be a little different.

It's only General Managers in consideration - no Commissioners, no Presidents, no Chairmen or Owners or guest hosts or anything else!

And you can only judge them based on their career as a General Manager. Doesn't matter how good a wrestler / commentator / anything else they were or are, it's only their time as a GM that matters. And it can only be for a particular show - someone might have been a great SmackDown GM but shit on Raw, or vice versa. I'm hoping this'll make it an interesting decision to make...


For reminders, here's all the GMs there's been in WWE. See how many you remember.


Eric Bischoff (2002-2005)

Steve Austin (2003)

Mick Foley (2003, 2016-2017)

Jonathan Coachman (2007)

William Regal (2007-2008)

Mike Adamle (2008)

Shane McMahon (2008, 2016)

Stephanie McMahon (2008-2009, 2016)

Vickie Guerrero (2009)

Bret Hart (2010)

Hornswoggle via a laptop (2010-2011)

John Laurinaitis (2011-2012)

AJ Lee (2012)

Brad Maddox (2013-2014)

Kurt Angle (2017-present)


Stephanie McMahon (2002-2003)

Paul Heyman (2003-2004)

Kurt Angle (2004)

Theodore Long (2004-2007, 2009-2012)

Vickie Guerrero (2007-2009, 2011, 2013-2014)

John Laurinaitis (2012)

Booker T (2012-2013)

Daniel Bryan (2016-present)


Armando Estrada (2007-2008)

Theodore Long (2008-2009)

Tiffany (2009-2010)


William Regal (2014-present)

205 Live

Drake Maverick (2018-present)



That was more than I thought. I remember really liking Paul Heyman's time as SmackDown GM, but I think that was more enjoying the show than enjoying Heyman as GM. So I'd probably pick the obvious answers and have William Regal's runs on Raw and in NXT. On Raw, where the GM's a focal point for so much of the storyline antics, he made it more interesting than probably anyone else except Bischoff managed. But the position the way it's been on Raw for the past 15 years feels so old hat and pointless these days, Regal's subtle reinvention of it in NXT has resulted in probably the perfect authority figure. Short segments, never interferes too much but only when it's important, everyone respects him. They've got it spot on there.


Defenders of Teddy Long and Brad Maddox, speak thee up now!

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Yeah it's Regal for me, he has struck the right balance in the role both as Raw Commissioner and NXT general manager. He genuinely comes across as somebody trying to run a show rather than an idiot that never has anything planned, never upstages the talent, can switch between serious and comedy with ease and is convincing as somebody knowledgeable to do the job in real life, if you want a sense of legitimacy in the role.

Also good: Foley (2000), Bischoff, Heyman. Vickie had her moments, as did the anonymous Raw GM- if only to get heat on Maggle.

AJ Lee and Brad Maddox as GM- the fuck was that all about?? I forgot about their tenures until I read that list.

The rest range from ok to downright awful.

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I didn't watch the Regal era of bring a GM so I'd pick Bischoff as my favourite. Such a smarmy heel and perfect in his role. Potentially, the anonymous GM could have been something great until the Hornswoggle reveal. Vickie had her moments too.

The worst have got to be Big Johnny and Brad Maddox. Awful.

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14 hours ago, Tommy! said:

Willy Regal, switching the bloody lights off and generally being bloody ace. 

Wow, I’d completely forgotten about that. Wasn’t he getting mega heat week in and week out, only for everything to go tits up when he got busted for drugs? 

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