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D.Bryan cleared for in ring action

Otto Dem Wanz

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I wonder if he's been properly cleared to go back to wrestling a full schedule or if he's like Angle where he'll only wrestle a couple of times a year in tag matches and take no bumps.

He's going to have been forced to tone his style down so it'll be interesting to see if he'll stick with it and re-sign with WWE when his contract is up or go off to NJPW or something instead.

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6 minutes ago, LEGIT said:

Fs, that's interesting. It's been rumoured for a while, hasn't it? Wonder if he'll tone his stuff down.

If he doesn't, then that'll prove his head is broken and that WWE's doc went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College with Dr Nick.

Having said that, I hope that he can come back and make a go of it, but you know that this is the last chance for him. If he gets so much as a migraine, that's it

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You’d have to think Bryan told them he was leaving after his contract ran out if they didn’t clear him.

They won’t use him on a weekly basis again will they? It’ll probably be a 3 or 4 matches a year type deal.  Still I guess he can still decide to leave and do what he wants come September when his contract runs out. 

He needs to do something in ring tonight definitely, imagine the reaction.

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Full time or part time - who cares? He will still be wrestling for WWE and that is fantastic news for him and his fans.

I agree that holding off the announcement would have given it more impact when Bryan went on SmackDown and goes 'Sami and Kevin... at WrestleMania you will be facing Shane McMahon... and ME!!'
Pop would have been huge! 

Great news though.


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5 minutes ago, Supremo said:

If he’s back full-time then I’m over the moon. There are so many new guys he could have amazing matches with.

Sorry to be 'that' guy, but really? After all of this, I hope he's not back completely full-time. Dude damages himself constantly; I think it'd really benefit him if it's at least SOME semblance of a reduced schedule.

That being said, I'm delighted for him that he gets to wrestle again and of course I'm excited about seeing him back in the ring. I'd imagine his first match back is a tag with Shane at 'Mania against KO/Sami but I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing him and The Miz again.

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It now seems to me like they've been building to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan for a while, and that the dissension between KO and SZ was in case they couldn't clear Bryan and they had to go with Owens vs Zayn for Mania.

But now it seems mapped out nicely. I'm imagining Miz comes back to Smackdown at some point, or Bryan signs a new wrestling contract for Raw, and we get Miz vs Daniel Bryan at Summerslam?

Oooh, the options...

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