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VHS Tapes and Their Value


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Apologies if this is covered elsewhere - I've looked and couldn't see anything.

I've got a loft full of old VHS wrestling tapes. Some pre-WWE era WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW, loads of US indies.

If they're originals and boxed are they worth the time and effort of listing somewhere like here or on eBay or (as I suspect) is VHS such a dead format that they're just not worth anything?

Same goes for if they're not originals (i.e. copies of indy stuff made from a master tape).

Cheers for any advice.

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It can get expensive if the package weighs over 2kg so 5 tapes max. 6 tapes can put it over and will cost £13.75 quite a jump. If you are sending more than 5 it’s cheaper to split them up into 5 or less. Unless you go the courier route if a sending a large amount of tapes. 

13 hours ago, rossw86 said:

Didnt realise it was that cheap. Ive had people wanting £20 for about 5 😂


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