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4GW Zero to 100


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Just now, 4GWUK said:

4GW Return to Ossett Town Hall 

April 1st 2018

Stars confirmed

Paul London


Kip Sabian

Joe Nelson

JJ Barker

Terry Isit 

Max Peach

Senza Volto 

Plus more to be announced


Tickets on sale now 






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4 hours ago, 4GWUK said:

Yeah it's £40 for a family ringside ticket :)

Yeah i guessed that after looking on your website (which was also confusing) but if you happen to be walking down the street & glance at your poster, surely it appears to be asking for £40 to purchase a ringside seat?

I realise it is too late to amend this shows poster, now they have been printed. From my own experience you should make posters as clear as possible (some designers get lost in the "Arty" side & forget what they are selling, to the point of not putting "Wrestling" on their posters!!!!!

This is meant to be constructive criticism, i hope your show goes well :)

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Any help is much appreciated. We try keep on top of the website keeping it updated but as we are one of the top ring hire companies we are always busy and on the road. My graphic designer wanted a go at it but as you have read he will probably make it more confusing haha

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On 17/03/2018 at 12:34 PM, 4GWUK said:

Limited 20% off tickets offer available through our website.



With 5 star's closure 4GW will like to offer a 50% discount on zero to 100 tickets to people who have bought a @5StarWrestling #5starwrestling ticket.
DM for details.

#Wrestling #britwres #BritWrestling #Leeds #Manchester

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