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We Are SmashCast - New Podcast


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4 regular guys talking about irregular things on a semi regular basis

SmashCast Podcast

Well, here we are. A new entry into the pantheon of podcasting.

We are SmashCast, a group of friends with similar interests; we kept on having ideas and thinking “that would make a great podcast, we should do one” and eventually, we did. This is it.


Our unique format sees the group put forward their #1 pick across a range of football and wrestling categories, with host Tony deciding who has presented the best argument.

With an occasional foray into the murky world of predictions and recaps, the SmashCast crew have been known to veer off-topic and discuss subjects as wide-ranging as KFC’s gravy and the definition of a ‘Stripey, Nigel Ba***rd’.


SmashCast Episode 1: Nikolai Volkoff? Moscow!

Join Ant, Doug, George and Tony on the inaugural episode of the SmashCast as we talk about under rated wrestling gimmicks, WWE Hall of Fame entrants, Elimination Chamber picks and more.

Listen here: Episode 1: Nikolai Volkoff? Moscow!


SmashCast Episode 2: A Puddle of Confusion

The second episode of SmashCast is here! The guys break down the WWE Elimination Chamber, football’s daftest people, the best moments from football in the 1990s and KFC gravy.

Listen here: Episode 2: A Puddle of Confusion


Find US Online:


Twitter: @WeAreSmashCast


Listen on Soundcloud

Email Us


Search iTunes/Apple Podcasts for We Are Smashcast


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