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Plug: FM2018 Twitch Channel


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Morning all,

I just wanted to give a cheap plug, if I may, for my twitch channel. It’s grown pretty big considering the tenure (around 6 weeks) and was made to Twitch Affiliate in around 2-3 weeks of its existence.

It's been planned for months with very regular content (around 5-7 3+ hour streams a week) and is getting a regular following each day.

Predominantly a Football Manager 2018 (currently in season 3 of an Exeter City save, now in league 1 battling for promotion) stream, I’ve also expanded into other games including PES2018/Horizon etc. (PS4) and a couple of others with FM being the bread and butter of the channel.

Schedule is normally as follows:

Mon - 18:30 - 21:30/22:00

Tues - 19:00 - 21:30/22:00

Thurs - 18:30-21:30/22:00

Fri - 18:30 til late

Sat,Sun - as time allows


If anyone would be interested in hopping in to say hello, it would be cracking to hear from you.


Twitter: @fox_powerful



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