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Randy Orton, wearing a nappy, kisses Triple H (who's also wearing a nappy) better


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My toddler likes to hold up various wrestling figures and comment on whether they are wearing nappies or trousers. It's about 50/50. 

Anyway, forget the exact angle but it went something like this - I had Hunter perform a pedigree on Orton and instead of going for the cover, my son had him pick Randy up and give him hugs and kisses to make him better. They say it's all been done before in wrestling..... that was somewhat original I have to say. 

Any humorous stories about what your kids have done with wrestling figures / what you did with your own hasbros back in the day? 

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I think I posted a pic of my youngster playing with some galoobs a few weeks ago. 

She is 14 months so can’t really do much other than grab and twat them off any object which subsequently makes a noise.

I have to ‘play’ with them in front of her and gage a reaction. The one that works best is when she’s in the bath. I stomp Sting and Arn around the bath ledge and they meet in the middle, they both wave to her and say ‘hello’, they then start to fight for a few seconds, hug and make up with an “awwww”, the dive in to the bath with a blowing a raspberry noise.

Shes in hysterics through out and it allows me to wash her hair.

She did try to hang them in the Christmas tree too.

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