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Royal Rumble - Monday Night Party


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WWE’s Rumble Royale is the greatest battle of the ages with intergalactic beings squaring off in audacious over top rope competition. This traditional Pay Per View (PPV) event will be replayed for the ultimate wrestling ‘aficionado’. Replayed the next day (from the night before) at UK friendly hours, in a private area conveniently located in one of Central London’s best sports bars since sliced bread.

The Royal Rumble brings with it considerable unpredictability. I have therefore bet my life savings on the following scenarios at my local Billy Hill bookies;

- Santino Marella returns and lasts longer than 3 seconds… And in the Royal Rumble

- Sargent Slaughter will return and get Jason Jordan in a much deserved Camel Clutch, the lousy maggot

- Roman Reigns will super-tickle all competition into victory to a chorus of boos resulting in widespread Wrestlemania ticket returns and urgent calls to Vince McMahon’s PA, John Laurinaitis who is vacating in his holiday home in Benidorm with Mag from the series, Benidorm. PEOPLE POWER

Whatever the result, this PPV comes with mighty high jinks, friendly wrestling chat, courageous integrity, PRIZES GALORE, beers from Bromley and Wez from Dagenham. TREMENDOUS!

All warriors should embrace their broken self and dress up unlike the vessel they are. It is required and highly encouraged, NAH DEMANDED. (please no Naked Mideon this time guys). Prizes (as always) for best dressed (Right To Censor suits are not accepted, RTC are not WOKEN)

These meetups are fun, slightly silly, with everyone partying in a friendly positively spirited atmosphere… All newbies are warmly welcomed by the wwe London veterans from the get go…. NO DELETIONS are planned at this time.

It will be the best Monday party in London ever, and the best PPV since PPVs began. Get ya skates on, get ya jam on, spread some jam and buy your ticket off Eventbrite (£4+their fee) or £5 on the door [bargain]. .. Please note this is a private, exclusive event so tickets are limited.


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