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New WWF Hasbro 25mm Enamel Pins


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Hey Guys, I've got some new 25mm WWF Hasbro enamel pins on my website www.brosretropins.co.uk 

I now have some new Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart pins available along with over 10 other designs as seen below.

All pins are £6 each

Free Mainland U.K. delivery 

£3.50 international shipping per order



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On 17/01/2018 at 9:54 PM, bros_retro_pins said:

Hey Guys, I've got some new 25mm WWF Hasbro enamel pins on my website 

Big fan of these and was wondering, could they be easily converted in to magnets somehow?

I love the designs, but have no use for them as pins, but they would be awesome to display as magnets on a metal trim i have in my workshop.

Its a random question and I completely appreciate your  business is ‘pins’, it’s even in your name. Just had to ask though as they look great.


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@Kaz Hayashi sorry to chip in but I'd guess you could convert them yourself simple enough. 

A small strong magnet and good double sided tape, the sort for fixing badges on cars and the like. 

You're a bit handy at that sort of stuff IIRC from your custom hasbros, so you should be ace at it. 

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