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LPW Wrestling Presents High Voltage


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LPW Wrestling


High Voltage


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/118835855450141/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1513196592014699

Date: 28th April 2018

Venue: St Chad's Parish Centre, Otley Road, LS16 5JT


Ticket prices


£5 kids under 12

£15 family 4 (2 Adults & 2 Kids)

The  LPW Heavyweight Championship, British Championship and the LPW women's championship all will be defended 


Raffle profit from Both April &  Oct shows will go to the charity Zantestrays (www.zantestrays.gr)


Line up Subject to change


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In fairness, the first massive paragraph has fuck all to do with the show and it’s just a summary of what’s wrong with LPW. I’m not surprised that Adam didn’t want to engage with them.

”Adam, you’re shit, fancy an interview?... No?... see, he’s crap”.

It’s the kind of thing Martin would have done to amuse himself. 

For all we call Adam a nob when he acts like one, someone claiming to write a review of a show, but writing a pre-paragraph about LPW being shit is just a bit wanky in my opinion. If it’s supposed to be a review of the show, then that’s what it should be, his relationship with Fludder has fuck all to do with it.

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Yeah that's a fair comment' Kaz.  However, his whole schtick is based on "Look how I've changed, come to the show to find out".  He always makes himself the focal point but you're right, a straight up review of the DVD was all that was needed, and the DVD sounds absolutely shite. 

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2 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

"Look how I've changed.”

Should be the name of the next final show.

I fully agree with you though. It’s just that we already know what to expect from Adam and LPW and so do the 5 people who will read that review.

The review comes across more like an opportunity to have a dig and was unprovoked by the looks of it (ala Martin).

That is massively different from your involvement with him. (He has melt down, you offer advice, he acts like a tit, you tell him to fuck off), that to me is fair play.

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