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Peadophile Hunters

Armitage Shanks

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Any one been watching the videos on social media of vigilante groups that catch peadophiles? What great work they do. It's also compelling viewing, watching them exploit the sickos.

For those who haven't seen any look up Stinson Hunter, Internet Interceptors, Guardians of the North and Shane Brannigan. 

Stinson & Interceptors are quite calm when confronting. Guardians and Brannigan are quite ruthless and have no qualms oaround physically restraining them. 

There seems to be some sort of feud going on between Brannigan and other groups as they don't agree with each other's methods.



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6 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Stinson Hunter - THE HUNTER!

Internet Interceptors - THE INTERCEPTORS!!

Guardians of the North - THE GUARDIANS!!!

Shane Brannigan - Shane :(

Someone needs to work on this blokes gimmick.

True but he's got the holy grail of twitter handles @hatesnonces 

simple, yet to the point. 

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1 hour ago, Armitage Shanks said:

I really don't understand this place? Isn't this the place to put off topic discussions? These videos are being put up more and more on social media, and they do good work, so I thought I'd make a discussion about it? 

Question marks are the new “Explanation marks”

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54 minutes ago, D@mm said:

They save a lot of children from getting abused so fair play to them, they are a great resource for the police who haven't got the manpower to monitor everyone.

This reminds me of the time wwffan2 stuck up for ajmcstyles when he couldn't return the trainers he was wearing. Stick together lads!

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