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Legacy Wrestling at the Benn Hall, Rugby - Sunday April 8th


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The return of Legacy Wrestling, finding a NEW home at the Benn Hall in Rugby!

Legacy Champion Jack Starz WILL defend his championship in the main event, in a Legacy Rules match!

Also featuring the debut of Garrett "G-Wiz" Bond will make his Legacy Wrestling debut. G-Wiz is a second generation British wrestler, and is a must-see star. At over 6 foot and 100kg, he has everything he needs to make a big impact. We can't wait to see how he changes the landscape of Legacy!

The latest bruisers to join Legacy in April are the imposing Scott Grimm, and the highly impressive newcomer Kyle Kingsley.

Making his return to Legacy Wrestling in April will be the 8-bit superstar, Arcade It's fair to say that Arcade hasn't had the greatest win-loss record at Legacy, but he always seems to have a extra life stashed away somewhere. Getting power-ups from the fans might get him to the end-of-level boss this time, who knows?

Alton Thorne. A terrifying, almost demonic presence within British Wrestling - and now he's coming to Legacy, and we have no idea what he's planning. Only one way to find out; join us at the Benn Hall on April 8th!

More details as announcements are made.

Tickets available now from https://www.rugby.gov.uk/bennhall/wrestling


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Big news to kick off 2018! Fresh off a tour with Stardom in Japan, answering the Jetta open challenge, Lady Chardonnay!

One of the best up-and-coming wrestlers has her sights set on being the first lady of Legacy, and the first step on that journey will be at Benn Hall in Rugby, April 8th! Tickets available now from our Facebook page!


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Arcade's mask is quality!

And just to add more constructive criticism than that; I like the look of your graphics - looks professional, consistent, and stands out just enough while being identifiably BritWres - though I'd watch for stuff like that star frame overlapping with one of the photos. Having the promo shots of wrestlers as the frame for the videos is a really nice touch, I don't think I've seen that before.

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