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UKFF Awards 2017 Nominations: MMA


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The story so far: The nomination threads are in the Awards forum, but for some reason nobody is able to post in there. A few people have sent me lists via PM, but it's just easier to have them in a thread, so here they are, all the MMA awards categories, in one thread.

If the Awards forum gets sorted, this thread will probably close and they'll move over there, where they belong. But until then, the show must go on!

We have discovered today that poll voting does work in the Awards forum even if you can't post in it. So when the voting itself begins in January, all voting threads will still be in the Awards forum. But for now, we're here in the MMA Forum.


Nominations are open for about two weeks from the time of posting this thread (19th December), at which point the proper voting will start - you probably have until around 2nd January.

If your nominations change between now and then due to anything great happening in December, please post your changes in a separate post, otherwise I'll probably miss them.


Please nominate up to three choices for each of the following awards, clearly stating the specific award your nominations are for.


Best Fighter of 2016
Best MMA Event of 2016
Best Fight of 2016
Get nominating!
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Best Fighter:

Robert Whittaker

Max Holloway

Mighty Mouse

Best Event:

UFC 214

UFC 217

UFC 218

Best Fight:

Justin Gaethje vs Michael Johnson (Jul 7th - UFC TUF Finale) 

Justin Gaethje vs Eddie Alvarez (Dec 2nd - UFC 218) 

Julian Marquez vs Darren Stewart (Dec 16th - UFC on FOX: Lawler vs Dos Anjos) 

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Best Fighter
Max Holloway
Mighty Mouse
Robert Whittaker
Best MMA Event
UFC 217, UFC 218, UFC 214
Best Fight
Gaethje v Johnson (TUF 25 Finale)
Gaethje v Alvarez (UFC 218)
Wood v Reed (Cage Warriors 86)
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