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2017 Fighter of the year


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Another year, another million negative points for David. With only one card left this year, it's probably time to start this discussion.

Honestly, this is the hardest year to pick in ages, because either champions haven't been active enough (Conor, Nunes & Stipe), or the very best have been dethroned (JJ, Cody), or they're Jon Jones.

I guess some may just pick Mighty Mouse because, while he's only fought twice, he's been very impressive. Woodley has also had a couple of defences, but people considered them amongst the most boring fights in UFC history, despite tactically being very sound. Of course, on the other end, some have risen to become champs - whether that be Rose (you can call me Mystic Bollocks because I predict d'eese tings) or Whittaker with his personality like Temazepam.

Anyway, thoughts?

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I think Whittaker gets the nod for me. He's on an absolute tear at the moment. I didn't give him much of a chance against Jacare or Yoel but he's exceeded every expectation I had for him in those two fights alone. He's the undisputed champion of what is probably the most stacked division in the company, and there probably isn't anyone I'd favour over him at the minute. He might be bland as shit, but he's had a stonking year.

Ngannou has to be up there as well doesn't he? Again, only two fights, but in those two fights he's gone from co-main eventing a Fight Night to the main event of a PPV. A total combined fight time of 3:14 against both Overeem and Arlovski, and he's looked like a monster on both occasions. 

Chuck in Volkan as well. Another fucker that's seemingly come out of nowhere to make a massive splash immediately. He's only spent 1:10 in the cage over the course of two fights, for fucks sakes!

A weird one in that there's no real front runner for being an outstanding fighter, I think this award is going to be more filled with fighters who have really emerged and broken out this year.

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