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Cyborg vs Holly UFC 219


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@AdamTH17 Consider me moved! :laugh: Seriously, anyone can start these threads. 

Here's how the card is looking; 

Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holm - Featherweight Title

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Edson Barboza 

Jimmie Rivera vs John Lineker 

Cynthia Calvillo vs Carla Esparza 

Carlos Condit vs Neil Magny 

Dan Hooker vs Marc Diakiese 

Kamaru Usman vs Emil Weber Meek

Louis Smolka vs Matheus Nicolau 

Myles Jury vs Rick Glenn

Omari Akhmedov vs Marvin Vettori

Khalil Rountree vs Michal Oleksiejczuk

Abdul Razak Alhassan vs Sabah Homasi 

It's got a tough time following 217 and 218 but I really like that.

Cyborg vs Holm kind of feels like the first proper title fight at 145. Something like this should've been the inaugural Women's 145 title fight. Holm vs De Randamie and Cyborg vs Evinger just felt like fights that were made because they had nothing else and needed to plug holes on cards. This feels like a proper legit fight worthy of a title though. Probably one of the bigger women's fights since Rousey and Tate stepped away. And on paper it's the first real test for Cyborg in the UFC. Her toughest fight in MMA in general actually in years, if not ever. Then you factor in their styles. Cyborg is a wrecking ball destroyer but has she ever faced a striker as seasoned as Holm in MMA? Cyborg's aggression vs Holm's counterstriking makes this so interesting. Plenty to like about this fight.

From there Khabib vs Barboza is an awesome clash of styles and should determine who's next in line behind Tony Ferguson...to sit and wait for McGregor. Rivera vs Lineker has my nipples erect. That's going to be an absolute corker, as most of Lineker's fights are, but Rivera is really climbing now. This was going to be Rivera vs Dominick Cruz which would've been a massive opportunity for Rivera but I like this matchup better. I'm high on Rivera but I'm not sure he was quite ready for Cruz. This is an exciting matchup and more of a logical next step for him, IMO. Hope Cynthia Calvillo smashes Esparza. Always got time for a Condit fight. Usman vs Meek intrigues me. Enjoy both guys and think they're both darkhorse (no racial) future contenders. Smolka is fun. Rountree has been fun so far, although I'm gutted that his fight with Gokhan Saki fell off this card :( Alhassan vs Homasi 2 has been quickly booked for this one as well after the controversial stoppage over the weekend. 

Quality card. 

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Almost any Condit fight has a higher than average chance of being a barnburner. 

Magny's grown on me though and I really like this matchup. I used to think Magny was a bit dull early in his UFC run. Didn't help that I associated him with the rotten TUF season he was on (Carwin vs Nelson, one of the shittest TUFs ever). But he's been good to watch over the last couple of years. 

Interested to see how Condit looks on fight week. He'd been making noises about retiring for a while after the epic with Lawler and before and after the Maia loss. But he's had some time away now so maybe that's been good for him and refreshed him. He's had a long old career and been in so many wars for a relatively young guy. Love to see him make one last good run though. 

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11 minutes ago, wandshogun09 said:

Knew you'd be all over this Carbomb! 

I hope Khabib vs Barboza actually happens. You can't count on anything with Khabib. Hide the tiramisu. 

I have my fans/downvoters to consider.

I really hope it happens too. And I hope Khabib loses. Normally I want an undefeated fighter with prodigious talent like his to stay undefeated and reach the top, but he's just taking the fucking piss now. He has very few excuses.

The injuries, sure - everyone gets them, but the frequency? I don't see how people look at Cain and think "I'm going to train just like him, 'cause I like only fighting every time Haley's Comet shows up and showing the youngsters they can have the shelf-life and reliability of a Chinese firework too".

The fasting for Ramadan - fuck off. I was raised a Muslim, I know what's involved. You can get dispensations, and one of them is if your livelihood is affected severely by it. Not to mention there are plenty of Muslim fighters who don't do it. And it's really fucking rich anyway that he thinks he can be that pious when he's good buddies with that objectionable piece of shit, Ramzan Kadyrov.

The weight-missing - fuck off again. He's supposed to be an elite-level athlete - if he can't make LW, move up. If he thinks he's so damn good, he'd probably do well there anyway. Khabib vs. GSP would've been interesting by now if he'd fought enough. And tiramisu? I've said before, I'll say it again: if he's so fucking pious as to take time off for Ramadan, he shouldn't even be touching tiramisu, it's got alcohol in it.

Nurmagomedov has million-dollar talent, but he's got a ten-cent attitude.

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Yeah, her earlier wins were very unconvincing, and losing three on the bounce didn't help either. Also, not to take away from Rousey's achievements, but Holm's victory over her exposed her severe limitations as a fighter, broke her aura of invincibility, and unveiled a blueprint to beat her that I think other fighters that previously had or would have lost to Rousey could have implemented for the win. Whilst that says something for Holm's abilities, that she kept her discipline in the face of a dominant champion and fought her own fight, in retrospect it shows that, once that blueprint was out there, it needed high-level skills, but not "greatest ever" level.

Also, if Holm beats Cyborg, it doesn't necessarily mean she'd beat everyone that Cyborg's ever beat. MMAths are an illusion - that she destroyed Rousey, but was then submitted by Tate, who'd been dominated by Rousey twice, is testament to that fact. Holm's the worst kind of match-up for Cyborg in theory, as she does Cyborg's speciality better than Cyborg does in technical terms, but up against, say, Sara McMann, whose wrestling is of a sufficient level to cause Holm's TD defence problems, she could find herself in trouble.

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Yeah, if Holm wins I'd kind of compare it to what Werdum's done at heavyweight. She'd have those big signature wins over the names like Rousey and Cyborg. Like Werdum's beat Cain, Fedor, Nog etc. But, like Werdum, her general inconsistency and patchy record probably prevents her being considered the best of all time. 

Still, a win over Cyborg would be huge. Cyborg hasn't come close to losing in MMA for over a decade. 

I don't even know who I really want to win this. Holm always comes across as such a genuinely nice person but beyond all the controversies and fuckups in her career, I actually think Cyborg is likeable as well when I see her interviews and stuff. I think there's a lot of misunderstanding with her at times, and Dana being a shit about her for years didn't help matters, but she seems in a better place than ever these days as far as people starting to warm to her. Hopefully she's put the PEDs and weight missing days behind her now. 

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I'm all in on Cyborg for this one. Nothing against Holm at all, but I'm a huge Cyborg fan. All in on her being this behemoth of WMMA. I'm so pleased that, as Dana phrased it, she looks like Wanderlei Silva in a dress because it means she won't get sucked into the Hollywood lifestyle that Ronda did. There's too many loud, talkative pricks in MMA these days - it's nice to have one monster that needs to be overcome.

I think she takes this fight as well to be honest. I'll have to watch it back, but I recall her performance against Evinger being a complete mugging. I know it went into the 3rd round, but I remember thinking that Cyborg never got out of first gear that fight, and still had it all her way. Obviously, Holm is a far more successful and varied striker, but I think Cyborg's aggression, power and speed will be a little too overwhelming.

Whatever the result, I hope the winner of it faces Nunes next. That 135 division is really just bobbing along at this moment in time. Who the fuck even is the #1 contender down there now? Pennington? Carmouche?

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