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The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

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It's always amazed me how many excuses people use when it comes to Michael Jackson. His house is a millionaires nonce cave. Everything from WrestleFest in the arcade room to the flying Scotsman in the

I’ve not been able to watch anything with Ainsley ever since one of my college teachers told us about a dinner party he was at which Ainsley was also attending. He went into the kitchen to get another

Why do people keep asking the question about why they're choosing to talk now? This is another reason why survivors don't come forward, or at the very least take so long to come forward. Their motives

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I remember watching that as it went down.  It was on the original Paramount Channel.  On the show they had a sort of darts match.  Walliams threw the 3 darts, and Dominic went to retrieve them as Walliams threw another one. I honestly thought he was going to Twat him.

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the full clip of that segment is cringe worthy. Imagine pushing for one of your mates to appear on your show and they do that. Absolute Bellends 

Diamond pacing, waiting to go off air looks ready to chin him.


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