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The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

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Eat Out to Help Out endangered countless more people than all the protests put together but I don't remember Johnny Law raiding Nando's.

It's always amazed me how many excuses people use when it comes to Michael Jackson. His house is a millionaires nonce cave. Everything from WrestleFest in the arcade room to the flying Scotsman in the

Obvious troll is obvious.    Regarding that curfew thing, it’s switching the narrative. Since forever, it’s always been about what women and girls can do to prevent getting attacked and not wha

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2 hours ago, Mr_Danger said:

He'll do anything to get out of releasing that Don Quixote film.

Didn’t it come out last year? Actually just checked. UK release is next week

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I watched this today quite innocently and as a fan of the Goonies. Corey Feldman mentioned his documentary during the YouTube vid. 


Has this been discussed in this thread? I haven't watched the documentary yet. I was a bit shocked by the trailer and am currently watching his appearances on some chat shows. 

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Kind of hard to listen to Feldman when he also throws shade at the MJ accusers. I get he probably doesn't WANT that to be true, but you can't push such a serious topic and then try to ignore their claims.

I have no doubt though a lot of what he alleges is completely true.

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