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The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

Devon Malcolm

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SMALLVILLE star Allison Mack has recruited as many as 25 women into the terrifying NXIVM slave cult, according to the group’s former publicist.

The actor has allegedly been brainwashed by cult leader Keith Raniere to recruit “slaves” into a secretive cult where they are forcibly branded with her initials and ordered to follow her commands 24 hours a day, Frank Parlato told The Sun.

The cult is called DOS, believed to be short for “dominus obsequious sororium” — Latin for the “master over the slave women”, and is the dark side of so-called “self-help” group NXIVM, according to Parlato — who was the first to lift the lid on the cult’s sordid activities on his website The Frank Report.


Jesus, I've only seen this mentioned in the tabloids so far but if true this is truly messed up.

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1 hour ago, Devon Malcolm said:

I could maybe see her popping out of the cake in Under Siege but can't imagine what role she'd have played in the sequel.

My guess is she got the wrong end of the stick during negotiations about a bikini scene, he hoped she was all trim downstairs as he is very pro waxing.

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1 hour ago, Merzbow said:

Mental. That reads like the sort of thing you'd normally only find on the David Icke forum.

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5 hours ago, ColinBollocks said:

IDK, if you've read his [Norm McDonald] book you'll know about his shady past. Particularly his brutal reign of terror while in prison.

That part of that book is one of the top 10 funniest things I've ever experienced.

On topic, Louis CK releases a statement confirming the allegations are true.


It's less slimy than Spacey's one but I still hate these grovelling apologies. I can't believe his publicist is called Lewis Kay. 

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7 hours ago, BomberPat said:

Corey Feldman has been talking about it for years, too. But it just got laughed off as "crazy Corey Feldman". And how much of that was by design, to discredit him, who knows?

His claims are apparently being investigated by the LAPD now, so hopefully he'll be vindicated and some good will come of it all, but he's apparently said there's one powerful individual he didn't name - saying he wasn't personally abused by this person - but that he's "living in fear" because of it.

The LAPD have dropped the case already.

This could spread to not only pro-wrestling world but the rock music too. I bet theres a bunch of guys who had their hey day in the 70/80s who are starting to get a bit nervous. Guys like Motley Crue probably didn't care about IDs either at the time.

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2 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

That apology is really to his fans and not the women he had a wank over.  Like most of these, he isn't sorry for what he did, he is sorry for getting caught.  But still, his redemption arc begins.

Yeah, he'll come out of this just fine. You can see from the reactions to the article in the first place that his fans were really eager to forgive him.

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26 minutes ago, D@mm said:

I have heard from somewhere else that Hope Solo former England Women's coach has accused Sepp Blatter of sexual assault.

Here is a link to the allegations: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41950198

And Hope Solo is the USA goalkeeper not former England Women's Coach (that is Hope Powell you are thinking of).

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