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Build an ultimate Survivor Series team


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Because it's 30 years since Survivor Series started, and it's less than four weeks away now.


What does it take to make a great, nigh on unbeatable Survivor Series team? What skills do the team members need? How will they work together? Who would you have if you could put together a team of anyone, from any era?

We're talking classic four man teams here, none of this five man rubbish.

Before you pick - think about those other questions above. Don't just say 'Hogan Warrior Rock and Austin cause nobody would beat them'. It's boring. Have a think!


For me, any great Survivors team needs a proper tag team in the mix somewhere. Two people of the four who you can rely on to know each other's minds and work seamlessly together within the larger whole. So I'm going back to the late 80s and having The Hart Foundation on my team. Not only will they work as a team really well, between them you've also got technical and submission skills from Bret, and power from Anvil.

I also want a power player who can smash through a few opponents in short order if required, even if they've been beaten down. Based on his 2013 Survivors showing, I'm having Roman Reigns in the group. He's a top guy, but he's also shown he can work well with others. And he gets results, you stupid chief.

What I'm missing now is probably someone with versatility and stamina, in case the match goes long. My first thought would have been Shawn Michaels, but he and Bret would never coexist on a team together and I couldn't risk it. So my final spot is going to Chris Jericho. He's got speed, he can brawl, he can submit, he can hang with just about anyone, and he can last a while in a big match if needed.


So there we go: the Hart Foundation, Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho. In classic Survivor Series tradition, they shall be given a cheesy name, and they shall be Bret's Big Dogs.


Who's your team?

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Ah, The Hart Foundation makes the basis of my team as well. Mostly because Bret will make sure we're getting great matches.

I like their being a reason for people to team up... so add Brian Pillman and Davey Boy Smith.


Basically, The Hart Foundation from Canadian Stampede. That'll do me!

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I'd have Rick and Scott Steiner as my tag team. Just two tough bastards who could wear down the other team.

Braun Strowman as my power guy. Love me some Braun. He'd ragdoll the other teams speedy/ cruiserweight guy.

Angle as the leader and probably the sole survivor. Would compliment the Steiners college wrestling background nicely.

Team name: The Olympic Slammers

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For me the tag team is going to Road Warriors/Legion of Doom. A couple of double hard bastards, who will know how to work as a team to tear the other team to shreds.

Sting brings the versatility (well early 90's Sting) of speed but still a decent size to fight the bigger guys using all atributes,

Ultimate Warrior for the pure mentalist big bastard to kill them at the end and be the sole survivor.

Basically The Warriors with Sting telling the Texas Tornado to fuck off.

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Randy Orton would be first up on my team, his record in survivors matches is second to none where he has a history of being the last Man standing, I can count on him being resilient and in it for the long haul

A good Tag Team would be vital to work together and the team mentioned all ready The Hart Foundation seem as good a choice as any, good In ring, work together as a team with no issues and have history of success

Rounding out the team a versatile worker, Not afraid to go to the top rope or higher if the situation calls for it, has a history of working well in a team but an accomplished singles wrestler in his own right who has won all there is to win and proven to have stamina whether its multiple matches in one night when he won King of the Ring or in long Tag Team matches over various stipulations. That Man would be Edge and has the Rated RKO history with Randy Orton

3 highly accomplished singles wrestlers who've also had Great history in some of the Best Teams/Factions in WWE history, proven to work well with others and last the pace of a survivors Match.


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Powers of Pain as the tag team, solid, strong and won the 10 vs 10 at SS88 showing they have the skill needed to win at such an event.

There is only one man for the iron man position on the team that man is the Macho Man! As durable as they come.

And finally the technical ability of Kurt Angle.

I would have Bobby Heenan leading my boys to battle and the architect behind our path to victory.



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Shawn Michaels has to be in the team based on SS03. Nobody can draw me in quite like hbk.

Tag team would be the road warriors simply because they would wear down the opposition and look good doing it.

Round the team off with Kevin Nash, throw a few big moves around, a powerbomb here and there, early elimination. 

Team name "old school cool".

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I think for the tag team, another vote for Legion of Doom. They look hard as hell, and would pretty much kill whoever was standing opposite them in the ring.


With those two, you need a high-flier to get the lengthy beat-down leading to hot tag, someone who's capable of going off Hawk's shoulders and doing some crazy mid-air stuff to get a pin before being battered himself or cheaply pinned by a heel. Mysterio's the obvious guy, but I'm going to opt for Paul London - capable of doing any kind of mad stuff, and is going to look like a midget beside LOD. Plus I think he's great.


Finally, my captain. Got to be a main eventer, someone who can lead from the front, inspire the troops to victory, and be a bit of an all-rounder. I'm going for American Bad-Ass Undertaker. He can do the 'earn my respect' stuff with London, ride a hog down to the ring with LOD, sub for Animal for the Doomsday Device if needed. Yeah, that's my team.


The name: the Undertaker's involved, but I also want Paul London to be acknowledged, of the four man team, he needs the rub. So it's Team Undertaker, featuring Paul London. That'll do it nicely.

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Alternate timeline/universe/black lodge Heenan Family.

For my tag team I'd have to pick The Brain Buster's, Arn and Tully for their technical prowess and the ability to cut the ring off with Bobby as the actual leader of the team calling the shots from outside.

Brock is my big bastard but without Paul as he was recently sold to The Brain.

I'm trying so hard to leave out Flair, even though he makes the most sense it's too much of an easy choice. I'll go with the Loose Cannon Brian Pillman, Bobby has been going against his best judgement and trying to recruit him as he sees money in the lad and thinks he can tame him.

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For my guys. I'd pick

  • Randy Orton: Very consistent in this match type and has the elimination/survival record to boot. Good to cover a general all round card and given the right opponents could promise a great obligatory RKO Outta Nowhere
  • Brothers Of Destruction: Because I'd kill a few¬†birds with one stone like having a tag team and Undertaker is obviously a legend having debuted at Survivor Series and Kane is incredible purely because he was consistently there when all the big names were injured or otherwise. Taker also paved¬†the way for many a debut at the event. Both are powerhouses and were great both teaming and feuding together. Even after Undertaker buried Paul Bearer in cement.
  • The Rock: Can bring a layer of charisma to top it all off and a good call for the leader having been the Sole Survivor for his debut and in 2001 for Team WWF. Another man with a good¬†Survivor Series record overall.

I guess that makes them The Most Electrifyingly Destructive Vipers

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I'm going with a team of heels co-managed by Bobby the Brain and The Slickster. Andre, King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd (they tagged together) and the Big Boss Man. Just a mass of humanity and would have been a classic heel Survivor Series team.

For a baby face team I'm going Mega Powers, Warrior and Jake The Snake managed by Miss Elizabeth. Match them against the above and that would have been really something. 

For a more modern day team the Brothers of Destruction, Brock and Braun. Team Badass co-captained by Taker and Lesnar.

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I'm thinking there would be some good stable SS matches - DX (HHH, HBK, teamed up either with the NAO or the Road Dogg/X-Pac combo) against the Four Horsemen, or against the nWo combination of Hogan, Hall, Nash, and either Luger, The Giant or Hennig. Just for the entrances alone, it'd be fun. Evolution vs. nWo might be good too.

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