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ROH: One Night Only


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I'd make it an ROH VS WWE SUPERSHOW:

Battle of the top dogs: Roman Reigns VS ROH champion Xavier

6-man: Titus Worldwide VS Amazing Red & SAT

Hype Bros VS Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack & Dan Maff)

205 Live VS Special K- tag team scramble match

Nia Jaxx VS Alison Danger

Ladder match with Shawn Michaels' gimmick hanging from the ceiling: Dolph Ziggler VS Michael Shane


I haven't watched ROH in a while, but I assume I'm spot-on with the talent.

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10 hours ago, Weezenal said:

What would be the best card possible? 

By "possible" I assume CM Punk is not possible, yeah? And if they've bought ROH I can use their current roster as long as they arent contracted to New Japan?

Samoa Joe VS Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn (w mask for nostalgia)

Strong & Aries VS Ohno & Cesaro

OReilly & Fish VS Motor City Machine Guns

.... something like that.

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Joe vs Punk
Bryan Danielson vs Christopher Daniels vs Low Ki
Homicide vs Steve Corino
The Briscoes vs The Young Bucks vs The Kings Of Wrestling
Kevin Steen vs El Generico
Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly
Generation Next (Aries, Jack Evans, Roderick Strong & Matt Sydal vs The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, John Walters, Prince Nana) 
Jimmy Jacobs vs BJ Whitmer
Daft Scramble Match: Special K/ Amazing Red/ SAT /Quiet Storm, /The Ring Crew Express/The Carnage Crew/Teddy Hart. 

At some point I'd do a "Good Times Great Memories" with Colt Cabana and have Necro Butcher/Age Of The Fall turn up and wreck some stuff

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What this thread has highlighted for me is Roh doesn't have and really noticeable vibe or essence for me. That may be because it was what lots of indy shows tried to copy, it might be because it's outgrown its early roots and become just another indy. 

I was never a big Roh fan. I enjoyed the shows I picked up, mainly from 2005 & 2006, so I'm not based placed to discuss its presentation or raison d'etre. That said ECW, as per the OP, Czw, LU et al all have a unique feel, presentation, names or style that would make a nostalga show nostalgic. I'm not sure what an Roh nostalga kick would be. 

Yet it was the best, a standout, for fans wanting a bit more than WWE from 02 to 06 at least and was what I heard most about until TNA got more positive column inches in 05 & 06.

I think what doesn't help for me is so many names I associate with WWE or TNA first and Roh second. Nigel and his iron and Homicide are all that first spring to mind, there must be more but they escape me.

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