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Speaking of stones, just listen to this from ‘Hands Of Stone’ will ya…

Wish he was still in the UFC. Imagine him in the current Bantamweight division? I’d pay just to see him and Aldo have a fight where only body shots are allowed. 

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Jon Jones is the best example of Dana White being absolutely correct, sadly, in how he runs the UFC. A year or so ago the very idea of Jones moving to heavyweight seemed like something the UFC had to capitalise on. The fans simply wouldn't allow it to not happen.

We're now over a year and a half out from Jones last fight, and a year and four months out from the first discussion about money and the Ngannou fight. 

In September 2021 no one really cares about Jones anymore. He's 34 years old now, and in danger of fading away into the MMA background. No one is clamouring for the Jones/Ngannou fight.

In fact, there's a good chance Ngannou doesn't fight for the UFC title again unless he bends the knee and accepts his place. Crazy to think that May 2020 we were looking at the Jones/Ngannou fight as a mega fight, and now no one cares. 

Dana is 100% correct when he recently said about Ngannou:

"Francis is getting advice from people who aren't very fucking bright. Let me put it to you that way. And obviously don't know history. It's pretty simple how this all works."

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