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Once things get back to normal you have to think there's some decent paydays for the 'Reem to appear in Japan once or twice a year.

Yeah that picture is like the Neapolitan ice cream of cunts right there. Which reminds me...

I wasn't sure where to put this but I know some have asked questions about it before but the Chuck & Tito 30 for 30 show is being shown this Friday evening at 22:00 on BT Sport 1.

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2020 submission of the year contender (flying triangle choke) and DWCS stand out Jimmy Flick has announced his retirement from MMA as he states the UFC is no longer his dream. Selfishly I am gutted as he was an exciting addition to one of UFC's weakest division but he is getting out of the game with no heath problems and he's not retiring due to any deep or dark issues. Fair play to him. I'd love him to come back though.


From MMAFighting.com

"Flick stated that he accomplished his goals in 2020 of not drinking soda, making $100,000 for the year, and making the UFC walk. After checking off those boxes, Flick said he has three new goals moving forward which all have nothing to do with the UFC, or fighting in general.

“I have three new goals in life: spend more time with my family, help my wife reach her goals, and, my third goal, is to finish the book I started over a year ago to tell my story, to tell my life, to tell everybody why I did this,” Flick said.

“A lot of people keep asking me where I see myself in 10 years. ‘Where do you see yourself in the UFC?’ To be honest, everybody, the UFC is not my dream no more. A lot of people won’t understand why. It’s hard to explain and it does bring tears to my eyes, but the UFC is not looking out for me. My wife is looking out for me, my kids are looking out for me and that’s what I want. I want to be their father. I want to go to work every day, come home and be with my family. I want to spend time with my little girls, I want to spend time with my wife."


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