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On 10/16/2019 at 9:53 AM, Egg Shen said:

id watch it😄

Unrelated, but the Tito/Chuck ESPN 30 for 30 aired in America last night, that came out of nowhere. I need to track down a copy.

Have you found it, per chance, Ebb? I've searched every possible avenue I can think of on t'interweb and am just met with a kick in the plums at every tune.

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I wasn't sure where to put this but I know some have asked questions about it before but the Chuck & Tito 30 for 30 show is being shown this Friday evening at 22:00 on BT Sport 1.

If he's only been doing bare knuckle boxing, surely he hung up the gloves ages ago? 

He’s a legit BJJ guy but I don’t know if he’s even been competing in grappling competitions of late. He just rides McGregor’s dick and keeps reminding everyone they’re mates. He’s fucking embarrassing

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I can’t find it either. It’ll probably be on BT Sport soon, they’re always showing the 30 For 30s. It’ll probably be a decent watch but it’s a story that’s kind of been told to death now. The UFC did that Bad Blood DVD/documentary on it a few years ago and I can’t see much new being added to the stories they told on there. Other than the horrid third fight, of course. And I’m not sure I want to revisit that. 

I’ll hang on a few years and wait for the inevitable ‘Rise and Fall and Fall and Fucking Plummet Of Conor McGregor’ doc when he finally gets done for a string of rapes and murders. Something like the OJ Simpson 5 parter. 

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After a week that’s seen the death of 27 year old boxer Patrick Day, this knockout was even more frightening than it would’ve been usually. Especially as the guy looks well out of it before the flying knee even lands. Ref’s a liability. 

The immediate concern from Bilharinho says it all. Hopefully the other guy is OK but Christ, what a knockout. 

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