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TUF 26: A New World Champion

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The final card for the show:

Women's Flyweight Title: Nicco Monta√Īo vs. Roxanne Modafferi*
Sean O'Malley vs. Terrion Ware                
Lauren Murphy vs. Barb Honchak                
Eric Spicely vs. Gerald Meerschaert                
DeAnna Bennett vs. Melinda Fábián                
Joe Soto vs. Brett Johns                
Christina Marks vs. Montana De La Rosa                
Andrew Sanchez vs. Ryan Janes                
Karine Gevorgyan vs. Rachael Ostovich-Berdon                
Ariel Beck vs. Shana Dobson                
Gillian Robertson vs. Emily Whitmire

*Roxanne Modafferi lost in the semi finals to Sijara Eubanks, but Eubanks was pulled from the show due to medical reasons (a bad weight cut and kidney problems).

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Little interest in this card. It might turn out good but there isn't one fight on there that I'm really anticipating. Soto vs Johns might be decent. Of the women's fights Murphy vs Honchak stands out with them being the two vets but there's just nothing to really sink your teeth into on this one. 

Shit about Eubanks though. I lost interest in the season as it went on but caught her fights and she stood out as someone really worth keeping an eye on. But from her very first fight on the show she was struggling with the weight cut, having to cut her dreadlocks off to just about make weight and stuff. It wasn't a good sign. She's got skills. She just needs to go up to 135. 

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I watched the MMA Beat and agreed with what they said, the winner of the belt probably won't have it long, there will either be a Bantamweight (perhaps Shevchenko) who could easily make the weight or even a bigger Straweight steps up and takes it, I like that if they are going to have girls fighting, they shouldn't need to fight out of their division. It may hurt the depth in certain divisions but it's going to help most of them physically. 

If I was The UFC I would be telling Invicta to try and pick up as many Boxers, Kickboxers, Wrestlers &  other Martial Artists they can then turn into more complete MMA fighters, as I assume the UFC pays way more than even Championship level Women's Kickboxers.

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Definitely. You very rarely see a calf slicer in MMA and I've never seen that variation of one. Let alone pulled off in 30 bastard seconds! He's a likeable guy as well, Johns. 

Wasn't a bad little show all in all. Nothing amazing but a few good fights and some nice finishes. Ryan Janes vs Andrew Sanchez was the highlight of the card for me. Really entertaining scrap and a great come from behind win for Janes. Thought Rachael Ostovich and Montana De La Rosa stood out as well, both with good finishes and I think they could both potentially be fairly marketable down the line if they can keep winning.  

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Missed the prelims but the main card was really good for this, maybe the lack of anticipation made me me enjoy it more, but it was a fun show.

O'Malley/Ware was quality. There's defitely something there with O'Malley, he's 9-0 but i don't really think he's UFC ready, i hope they don't throw him to the wolves and match him up wisely, he's great to watch. Hope Ware gets one more shot too because he played his part.

Gerald Meerschaert's body kick KO was just brutal, you don't see many of them but when you do they are pretty spectacular.

Brett Johns is very much the leading man for Welsh MMA now. If he doesn't catch that submission im not sure if he beats Soto but thats irrelevant if you catch one, big 2018 coming. Am i right in thinking that's only the second calf slicer in UFC history?

I even enjoyed two of the women's fights. The main event was a decent battle, i thought Modafferi deserved a little better on the scorecards but the right lady won. Montano is keeping that thing warm until one of the big guns drop down or move up surely though. Murphy/Honchak was the better fight, real good scrap.

Sounds like the undercard was good too. You can never count these shows out before they happen.

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