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Better entrance music


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WWE seem to do bloody great or bloody terrible jobs when it comes to intro music... for every GLORIOUS there is a Big Cass cluster fuck 

So - post your suggestions for improvements using the wonderful world of pop

(try to be realistic, but not anal about it)


I will open the bidding with Velveteen Dream - at the moment that music is so generic it is painful...

The instigators of successful Eurovision irony, WigWam fit the character perfectly


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16 hours ago, PunkStep said:

No way! If I close my eyes and listen to that, I'm not getting Velveteen Dream at all. I'm getting Dolph Ziggler doing his Rock Of Ages gimmick.

Now THIS is what Velveteen Dream should be using.



I second that, excellent fit.

I thought this would be a good fit for AJ styles.  I just don't like his current theme, too laid back


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