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John Matrix

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I know these things have limited legs on here these days, but balls to it....i've got a lot on my shoulders right now, and hoping this thread, much like the movies themselves, will offer some much needed escapism at a time when adulting is proving a tough beast to overcome.

Much like the majority of my contributions to the UKFF, this is an entirely self serving, self indulgent project that I hope, if nothing else, serves to offer you a brief moment of nostalgic reflection as your contemplate nights in front of the telly while a plastic box carrying the 'Entertainment Film Distributors' logo lay empty next to you and together we attempt to crown cinema's ULTIMATE Action Hero!

The rules:

Simple, just send me a message with your top 10 action heroes of all time.  Can be from any era, or any genre* but to be clear, we're looking for the 'character' here.  Not the actor.  As that's Arnie.  Case fucking closed.  So, your list might consist of Harry Callaghan, Kurt Sloane, Kevin Chan... etc which means if you're a particular fan of say Van Damme, then his characters can make up the bulk of your list, not arsed who you choose - that's the whole fun of the exercise.

Where the character has been played by multiple actors - I suspect there may be a Bond or two thrown in there, then please specify which incarnation you're referring to.

and of course, what's a thread like this without plentiful examples of scantily clad men flexing their muscles whilst dismembering a vast array of, lets face it, probably foreign baddies?  Do include where possible a link to the characters classic moment in gif or video form so we can all delight in your selections when it comes time to run down the finalists!

*Only one thing to note, and if you don't like it.  Tough.  Anyone who flies or wears a fucking cape and such like is not welcome.  

Oh, and there's bonus points on offer for smashing one liners.

Lists must be received by 5pm on Friday 28th July.

Any questions?  Thought not.  Off you pop.




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You lot are legends!  I've had a handful of submissions so far, not including my own so thank you!  

Some cool suggestions I wouldn't have thought about either.

I'm interpreting the complete lack of public response to date as a die hard commitment to submitting the perfect lists!

No.  YOUR deluded.

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Really struggled to nail down 10, left some corkers out. Tequila from Hard Boiled, Braddock from Missing in Action, Steelhead from Shinjuku Incident, Charly Baltimore and more obvious choices such as John McLean, Ben Richards, John Rambo, Chance Boudreaux.


Locking forward to the countdown 

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Just had a quick browse through your lists and suffice to say, if I just did it now, the winner would be a fucking cracker and which whilst clearly very popular would probably have slipped my mind come list time.

This is actually as fun (for me) as I hoped it might be.

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