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Outstanding @Otto Dem Wanz

I'll never forget sitting down with Herbie and watching this flick on its release, many moons ago. Basically because I bought a house in Trim, Herbie logically decided we should watch it because it was set in Trim.

I spent the guts of the movie doing involuntary advanced yoga positions because of the cringe factor, but I also appreciated it earnestness of it and its star. It also gave us this:


Obviously before the days of Berocca or a standard multivitamin.


Speaking of Dunnes Stores Value Club Cards, I went in to buy a shirt for work the other day and the cunt behind the desk asked me had I a Value Club Card. That's an awful insult. Really is. I'm not ready to be that person that carries one around with me, whether it goes on my car keys of fucking not.

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Steve from OSW went on a trip to Trim quite recently. I’m assuming that time has stood still as that tree doesn’t seem to have changed

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On 7/10/2019 at 11:03 PM, Merzbow said:

That's by Lee Hardcastle, he's made a whole bunch of great and gory claymation videos.

I think he remade that with cats as the Pingu video taken down for a while.

He also did the animation scene in Ashens GameChild movie. He’s super fucking talented.

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