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4 hours ago, Uncle Zeb said:

What was the intended gimmick there, and how did they leave it open to abuse?

They asked users to reply to the post using a certain hashtag, which then inserted the content into the video/images. Mind-boggling in this day and age that they thought it'd end any other way. Some of the replies were funny but when people start mocking Bradley Lowery's death via it? Grim.

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Thought it automatically tweeted users who had retweeted a post about athletics and what was written on the cards was the usernames which people had changed when they realised what was happening?

Either way, can't believe they did this literally months after the Walkers debacle. 

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Found out tonight that @kfc only follows a few people, namely:

Herb Schribner

Herb J Wesson Jr

Herb Walters

Herb Dean

Herb Sendek

Herb Albert

Geri Halliwell

Melanie Brown

Emma Bunton

Melanie C

Victoria Beckham


Which is sheer genius.

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Nate Crowley (@FrogCroakley) is one of my favourite people on Twitter - he has a couple books out, largely off the back of his Twitter stuff. He did a thing at the beginning of the year of "1 Like and I'll invent a pitch for a fictional video game", which created some of the funniest concepts I've ever seen, and is now the subject of a book called "100 Best Video Games That Never Existed".

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