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11 hours ago, PunkStep said:

I can't stop watching it, he gets more and more furious with each passing second and then the brilliant 'GET READY TO DIE'. What a prat.

He's a producer for the BBC as well. Whoops.

Him name is Fergus. Of course it is.

Someone's gone and edited his IMDB page - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1628415/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

"You're under citizens arrest, prepare to die". Not as quotable as this mind you, but still a cracker of a video. I'll be fuming if I don't see someone attempt at least one citizens arrest today.

Also, big fan of Roddy Doyle's Star Trek - https://twitter.com/DoyleTrek




Edit - fucking hell those pics are massive, sorry! Tried to spoiler them but couldn't see an option for it anywhere...

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