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MMA Shit Tattoo Thread

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1 hour ago, BomberPat said:

I'd say the "religion is a choice" aspect is only true to a point - the right-wing arsehole who hates Muslims probably isn't particularly concerned with the finer points of Islamic dogma, they just hate anyone looking vaguely brown. 

That's the first thing I call out the usual wankers on. Whenever I hear "Islam isn't a race", I just say "you know exactly what's being said, so don't you fucking come it with me". 

As to the Catholic/Protestant thing, I'm not so naïf to believe it isn't a problem in Scotland, as the regular Old Firm grief that pops up on the news occasionally over the usual stupid fuckery will testify, but I honestly though the whole Orange thing was more a NI problem, given that the battle supposedly being commemorated took place in Ireland. The idiocy of the entire issue astounds me.

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Piss off, I only walk around with one belt in public.

Looks like Carbomb. 

Probably because you haven't been on the receiving end of racism and prejudice.  It's a bit like English people finding the idea of Scottish Independence ridiculous.

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I live on the other side of Scotland from you chaps, so it's not nearly as rife- although occasionally you do find a reasonable person turns into a complete div when the subject of their favoured Old Firm team turns up, now and again. Sadly, Glasgow has quite appalling institutional divides in relation to the old religion. All manner of shady rumours about the powerful and their intentions being swung by their particular beliefs. A few friends went to Uni in Glasgow and, while none had a dog in the race, they could feel the weight of it on Glasgow, from time to time.

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2 hours ago, David said:

I see plenty of people telling those pesky Muslims that very thing all the time on social media. Can't say that I really agree with that to be honest.

But as has been pointed out, the majority of that is because of the colour of their skin.  I grew up in an Irish Catholic community in the midlands at the time of the pub bombings, it wasn't fun being spat at.  As I say, I'm not dismissing or trivialising any discriminatory incidents.  I remember John Junor wrote in a Sunday paper how he wished the Irish had green skin so that you could spot them and see them in plain sight.

And that's my initial point.  You can't tell which Christian sect someone is from by what they are wearing but you know the colour of someones skin.  You could be an Orangeman and convert to Catholicism, can't do that with you skin colour, unless you're Michael Jackson.  My understanding is the Catholic/Protestant prejudice comes from hidden stuff, such as an employer looking at your CV and seeing which school you went to and hiring or not hiring accordingly, things like that.

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After watching some highlights of last nights event, please extend a warm welcome to Sandhagen and Volkov in particular for the monstrosities on their backs. Volkovs looks like an anti Semitic depiction of a transformer. 

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