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Austin Aries is on the dole

Frankie Crisp

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14 minutes ago, PunkStep said:

That's a damn shame, although I did worry what he'd up doing after they clearly weren't going to have him beat Neville for the title. That division is a dead-end for everyone involved.

As the only person who's watched all the episodes of 205 Live, it looked like they were going to run a little program with Jack Gallagher presumably culminating in a Aries heel turn which would've been fun

Sad news though, either he's not happy with his position or yeah he's been a knob as it would be pretty baffling for them to just release him out of the blue.

If it's the former, then they really need to reconsider how they're pushing the cruiserweight division before more talent does the same. A C-show of their own is fine but they should do away with the purple ropes and silly branding and just have them integrated like Rey Mysterio & co. were


Honestly, I enjoy Aries as a wrestler but it's just occured to me it's probably a bigger shame we won't hear him on commentary again. On his brief spell he was the best colour comm. I've heard in years

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3 minutes ago, Philjax said:

Maybe you could tell me what's happened the last 5 episodes since I stopped watching then? A whole lot of nothing from what I can tell.

Kendrick feuding with Gallagher is decent and Drew Gulak's no fly zone gimmick has been wonderful. Here he is getting suckered into attempting a top rope manoeuvre.

Apart from that, they're trying to turn TJP back face but no one really cares, Dar is STILL pissing about with Cedric Alexander, Titus is doing Tozawa's talking for him which I don't mind as Titus has been good value


The reports seem to suggest that Aries wasn't happy being pigeonholed as a cruiserweight wrestler, which he's always always said in fairness, there's probably footage of him saying that very thing on the Network, so disappointing it's come to this. I'm sure he'll do absolutely fine on the indies though, on the positive side.

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Possibly he also thinks that maybe TNA/JeffW's has now become an option for him with the recent takeover and change in management/direction. He was World Champion there before, so he knows there's probably less chance of him being pigeonholed as a cruiser, if he does have that concern.

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