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Question for me is always will Rob Zombie have one original idea in this new movie? Or will he just watch the WatchMojo's Top 10 1970s Horror Movies, reshoot them and compile them into 90 minutes, as

That looks like something Red Letter Media would tape to a wheel.  The 'star' is worthing watching the trailer for though, I'll give you that. Nobody spoil it please. Let's all behave like when w

We're in this mid point of the de-aging technology where the good stuff is very good and everything else looks shit. The film looks good but if that's the final version of the effect then it's going t

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The co-directors made Small Town Crime, which is a really good little neo-noir, so I might give this a shot. Late career Mel Gibson has produced some really interesting, low budget stuff like Get the Gringo, Blood Father and Dragged Across Concrete so they might be a good combo.

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Yeah, obviously he’ll never be the star he was with all his drunken Jew hating and that but he’s still talented and at least makes interesting choices. 

@lars85thats exactly what I thought too. Especially with the white snow suits. Just needs Lee Majors.

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